How I Can Apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency

Apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency – Are you interested in studying in Canada, do you have a Canadian work experience or would you like to live and work in Canada, just to get international experience? But, you do not know your chances of becoming a permanent resident at the end of it all. 

If yes, I present to you the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). A program managed by the Express  Entry system and of course one of the 3 major  federal economic Immigration programs. This program gives workers with enough Canadian working experience and opportunity of becoming a permanent resident.

Applying for Permanent Residency through CEC

To apply for a Canadian permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class program, you must:

#1. Know Your Eligibility

It might interest you to know that the CEC can only award you a permanent residency if you fulfill the requirements below.

As an applicant you expected to get at least a benchmark of 5 in the Canadian language test. 

Having a Canadian work experience of at least one year is necessary.

You must have gotten Canadian work experience as a temporary resident with an authorization to work.

You must be able to prove to them that you could be considered for a permanent residency.

How do I Calculate my Canadian Work Experience?

To know your work experience, you just have to calculate the number of days, weeks, months and years you have been paid to work for your past and present employer. Excluding all volunteer or unpaid Job. 

The good thing about having work experience is that it is likely to increase your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Because, all applicant of the CEC program will be ranked based on the CRS score once they create an Express Entry Profile.

What is Skilled Work Experience?

The Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Immigration and Refugee has made it clear to all that the skilled work experience can be defined according to the National Occupation Classification (NOC) code, namely; 

Professional Job (skill type A)

Technical Job (skill type B)

Managerial Job (skill type 0)

So, your skilled work experience can be one or a combination of the skill type listed above.

#2. Get ready your Documents

As usual, you will have to submit certain documents while applying for an Express Entry program. So, do well to prepare them all beforehand.

How do I Create an Express Entry Profile?

You shall be needing the documents listed below to create your Express Entry Profile.

A good language test results in English or French.

You must provide a Canadian educational credential assessment report to prove your Canadian education.

A travel document or passport.

Providing a written Canadian job offer (for those having one).

A valid Canadian certificate of qualification in trade occupation ( if you have one).

Lastly, you will be submitting a proof of provincial nomination (if you have one).

What else?

Once you have been invited to apply for permanent residency, you are expected to upload copies of the documents listed below.

Birth/adopted certificate (when traveling with children).

Common-law uniform/marriage/divorced (if requested).

Medical exam report.

Police certificate.

Representative form (for those using an RCIC or Immigration lawyer). 

#3. Submitting your Profile

Having completed the Express Entry Profile creation procedure, you will be given a score base on certain factors in accordance with the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Then, you are a step closer. Now, all you need to do is pray that you are being invited to apply (ITA) for a permanent residency.

However, if you were not invited just know it that your profile will still be in the draw pool for at least 12 months. Or better still, until you get an ITA.

What is the Duration for a CEC Application?

Since the Canadian Experience Class is managed by the Express Entry system, it is said to take 6-8 months to process over 80% of all applications. But, this is strictly based on the program you applied for.

Was the CEC affected by the Pandemic?

A lot of people have indicated their interest over the CEC program since the pandemic hit. CEC reported that among all who applied for the program, there are over 85% complete Express Entry applications. It was also made known that thousands of CEC applications in various countries are yet to be processed.


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