Immigrating to Canada from Brazil: How to Achieve it with Ease

Immigrating to Canada from Brazil – Numerous people immigrate to Canada every year for one reason or the other. Some for educational purposes, Job offers, relocating to create a better life for themselves, and some to explore its natural beauty.

If you are in Brazil and wish to immigrate to Canada any time soon, for reasons best known to you. Then I have taken it upon myself to assist you with the application process to make it easier and less stressful to achieve Immigrating to Canada from Brazil

Luckily for applicants, the Canadian government has been so considerate to have established various Immigration programs. Allowing applicants to come study, explore, work, or even become permanent residents.

Getting a Canadian Permanent Residency from Brazil

For you to immigrate to Canada, you will be needing a Canadian permanent resident Visa. Although there are about 100 Canadian immigration programs and visas, be focused and go for any of the 3 types of Immigration programs that you can apply for to get a permanent residency. These three programs are: 

  • Family Sponsorship program.
  • Province Nominee program and
  • Work permit program.

Detailed explanation:

Program #1: Family Sponsorship Program (FSP)

Fortunately, Canada loves and respects family and as such will not prevent you from bringing your family along. Since this program was established with the sole purpose of allowing you to sponsor family members immigrating to Canada.

Who can apply for this program?

To be considered as an applicant for the FSP you meet the requirements.

Must be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada to apply.

To apply for this program, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Those registered as India under the Canadian Indian act can also apply for this program.

Program #2: Provincial Nominee Program 

This can also be referred to as the PNP program. It is a program for those who intend to work, move to, or study in Canada. The Province Nominee program is made up of over 80 streams with 11 participating provinces and territories.

Going by this program, you are expected to apply for a province of your choice and have the province consider your application. Here immigration and labour force are to be considered before you can be given a permanent residency in Canada.

Knowing your eligibility for this program

To apply for this very offer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be educated or have good skills.
  • Having work experience is necessary.
  • Applicants must also have good work experience.

Is there a permanent residency program for Job seekers?

Of course! That is under the work permit program. As one who would like to work and live in Canada, simply apply for a resident Visa through any of the permanent residency programs. And once you complete the application process and are considered for this offer, Know that you shall be receiving a Canadian permanent resident Visa. The available programs are:

  • The Federal Skilled Trade Program.
  • The Quebec skilled Worker Program.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

Program #3: Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).

This particular program is part of the popular Express Entry system known to process applications in 6-8 months. The Federal Skilled Worker Program was established for those willing to work in Canada having the required qualification, skills, or work experience that will boost the country’s economy.

Who can apply for this program?

You can only be considered for this program once you fulfill the necessary requirements. These include:

Having an occupation that is listed in the National Occupation Classification (NOC). 

You must meet the pass mark on a point-based assessment.

You must either have managerial, professional or Trade/technical occupation skill experience.

Federal Skilled Trade Program

Just like the Federal Skilled Worker Program, this particular program is also managed by the Express Entry immigration system and is also designed for people who would like to work in Canada. (Immigrating to Canada from Brazil)

Who is eligible for this program?

If you have working experience in any of the occupations listed below, then you can proceed with your application. They include:

Industrial, Electrical, and Construction, Major Group 73, Maintenance, Equipment operator, Major Group 82, Supervisors and technicians in natural resources, Agriculture, Major Group 92, Processing and manufacturing, Utility supervisors, Central control operator, Minor Group 632, Chefs and cooks, Minor Group 633, Butchers and bakers.

Why do people immigrate to Canada?

People immigrate to Canada for many reasons and here are the top five benefits of immigrating to Canada.

Free Education

Knowing fully well that Education is the key. The Canadian government is keen on providing free Education from kindergarten to grade 12.

Diverse Country 

Having people from various countries immigrate to Canada has made the country one of the most diverse and multicultural countries in the world. With people of different races, languages, and cultural backgrounds. Some of these languages include; Punjabi, Mandarin, Spanish, etc.

Free healthcare

The Canadian government values the life of its citizens and has taken it upon itself to provide its citizens alongside other permanent residents with public healthcare. 

4). Low Crime and Violence

Sincerely speaking, Canada has been rated the sixth safest country in the world. That is to say, there are no consistent reports of kidnapping, stealing, rape, or war. Thank God for the Canadian Police who are trusted, reliable, and keen on protecting lives and property.

5). To explore

One cannot deny the fact that Canada is indeed a beautiful country known for its beautiful mountains, forest, and the famous Niagara Falls.


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