Nurse Canada Application – Basic Guide to Immigrate as a Nurse to Canada (2022/2023)

Nurse Canada Application – Canada is one of the most developed societies in the world where you can practice your profession. Currently, nursing is one of the most sought after jobs in Canada. It is estimated that Canada will need over 200,000 nurses by 2025 and this will increase significantly in the next ten years.

As a trained nurse, you can get a job in Canada as a registered nurse, supervisor, allied primary care practitioner, licensed practical nurse, dental nurse, psychiatric nurse or nurse assistant. As an experienced nurse assistant you can earn about $ 50,000, and as an experienced registered nurse you can earn up to $ 130,000.

To immigrate to Canada as a nurse, you must be a licensed nurse in your home country. In addition, you need to prove your ability to work at the same level as qualified nurses in Canada.

A Quick View on The Province in Canada That Needs Nurses?

The provinces in Canada with the highest demand for qualified nurses are:


Manitoba is a central province of Canada and one of the largest provinces in need of nurses. CBC News reports that Manitoba is facing a severe shortage of nurses and this has been the case for many years. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the need for nurses in Manitoba has increased greatly.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is another province in Canada in needs registered nurses, licensed practitioners, and personal support staff.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is also looking for registered Nurses to fill a number of vacancies in the nursing profession, as many of their registered nurses in the province are set for retirement.


There is also a great demand for nurses in the province of Quebec. I’ s working closely with provincial work permit programs to assist lots of immigrants come in to work as nurses in Quebec.

Those who wish to immigrate to Canada as nurses by 2022 can apply through the work permit program like the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and if successful, work on obtaining permanent residency in Canada.

There are three distinct kinds of nurses across the country Canada.

RN Nurses: Nurses registered in Canada. These  nurses are those nurses who have completed a degree in University Nursing.

RPN Nurses: Psychiatric nurses registered in Canada: RPNs are nurses who have completed a degree in psychiatric nursing or have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in general nursing and have done additional studies in psychiatric nursing. RPNs are limited to practice in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

LPN Nurses: They are Practical Nurse Licensed in Canada or Practical Nurse registered in Ontario. They are nurses who have completed a post-secondary diploma program in nursing.

Why Anyone Would Want to Work as a Nurse in Canada.

A major fact is that Canada is considered by many as one of the safest countries in the world. There are numerous  benefits to being a nurse in Canada.

Let’s check them out, if that will help your decision to migrate to Canada.

You Get a Healthy pay

One of the great benefits of working as a nurse in Canada is that you get paid well. The average nurse in Canada earns about 70,000 dollars a year, that is Hugh compared to salary earned in other developed countries.

Health insurance

Health insurance is another benefit of being a health worker in Canada. As a nurse in Canada you have access to health insurance plans that protect you and your family.

Help and Assistance with Childcare

Did you know that registered nurses in Canada have a facility for all working parents who need help caring for their children?

Many hospitals and institutions provide childcare facilities that can care for children of nurses on demand, ensuring that working nurses have their children taken care of at the same time.

Canadian Immigration for Nurses – Nurse Canada Application

There are many ways to Immigrate as a nurse to Canada, Note that as a skilled worker, you are eligible to come to Canada through one of several immigration programs at the federal and provincial levels.

It is good to state here that are three major immigration options available to immigrants wishing to come to Canada as nurses:

  • Express entry system
  • Provincial Nominated Program
  • Quebec skilled worker

Firstly, you are required to review your National Occupational Classification (NOC). This code may vary depending on your job description.

How You Can Immigrate as a Nurse to Canada

To be able to work in Canada, you usually need a Canadian Work Permit, but only if you already have Permanent Residence (PR).

If you want to immigrate as through a Nurse Canada Application, below is a well outlined process of how to migrate to Canada as a nurse.

Step #1: Ensure to Get Good Result

As an internationally trained nurse who wants to immigrate to Canada, your first mission is to get good results by verifying your credentials. This is a necessary step in the process of Canadian immigration. Your credentials will be evaluated by the World Education Services, an organization certified and licensed by the Government of Canada.

We also recommend that at this fist stage, ensure your Nursing qualification is accepted in Canada. The process is done by the Canadian National Nursing Assessment Service, NNAS.

Step #2: Create Your own Express Entry Profile

As your NNAS review progresses, it’s time to start creating your own Express Entry Profile. This Express entry is when the work really begins.

Also at this point, you will be invited to sit for an internationally recognized English or French exam. Next thing in this stage is for you to begin searching for a job.

Step #3: Submit The Required Documents to Nursing Medical Board

Following your positive NNAS assessment, it is time to submit the second step of your Nursing Canada registration directly to the Nursing Medical Board in your selected province or region. Each area will use the NNAS result as a basis for benchmarking an applicant’s international nursing skills, experience, and qualifications as determined by the relevant nursing boards.

Step #4: Get Your Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Visa

That’s when your Canadian immigration project will begin to form together. If your nursing registration and licensing is settled. Next is to look into the matter of your Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Visa.

Once you have verified your Canadian nursing registration. You do not need to be offered a formal job as a nurse to immigrate to Canada.

Step #5: Invitation to Apply

The final step in your immigration to Canada is to accept your invitation to apply through the Express Entry Program. You will receive this invitation based on your express entry case. Which is so strong that you can be selected directly on a federal basis, through a provincial nomination or on receiving a formal job offer in Canada.

Step #6: Congratulations,

Have you completed your Nurse Canada Application? You are set to Canada as a nurse after your . You have up to a year to formally activate your visa.


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