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Scholarships For International Students In Belgium – Have you been desiring to further your education in Belgium? Are financial constraints hindering you from achieving that educational dream? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you’re just reading the perfect piece of information.

Belgium is a beautiful country that welcomes students from around the world to study at its universities. The country has over 40 public universities, several private institutions, and over 6,000 international students from more than 100 countries. Belgium’s education system is well known for its quality research, and high graduation rates. And low tuition costs compared to other European countries.

This is a list of scholarships in Belgium for international students. It includes descriptions, how to apply, and how much each scholarship is worth.

Scholarships For International Students In Belgium

Some of the Belgian scholarships for international students include the following:

The VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarships:

VLIR-UOS Scholarship wants to help students from more than 50 developing countries.  Such countries include including Africa, Asia, and Latin America get training and pay for their master’s degrees. The main goal of this scholarship is to help develop the country by adding value to the students and giving them the skills they need to take on important roles when they go back to their home country. These students are allowed to pursue Training or a Master’s Programme related to development at Universities in Belgium. It is a full scholarship that covers tuition fees, accommodation, allowance, travel costs,  and other program-related costs.

Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarships For International Students In Belgium

The Government of Flanders has initiated a new scholarship program. The purpose of this scholarship is to promote the internationalization of Flemish Higher Education. This honor is presented to approximately thirty exceptional Master’s students from all nations. Newly accepted students are eligible for an annual scholarship of up to 7,500 euros. Occasionally, the Host institution will require the applicant to pay an annual tuition charge of roughly 100 Euros.

Erasmus Mundus Programmes in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation

Erasmus Mundus Programme This program provides study grants for Erasmus Mundus Master’s degrees and doctorate degrees at Belgian Universities.

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship: An annual €1000 stipend that can be used to help pay for tuition or living expenses while studying abroad at an EU institution.

The European Commission Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) Fellowships for Post-graduate Education are available for Ph.D. students who are nationals of one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus (Cyprus), Czech Republic (Czechia), Denmark (Danemark), Estonia (Eesti Vabariik), Finland (Suomi 

Science@Leuven Scholarships for International Students

This scholarship is designed for motivated and talented international students. Who has the interest to participate in an international master’s program of the Faculty of Science of the K.U.Leuven. Scholarship amount can be up to 10,000 Euro for 1 year and covers the tuition fee for 1 year, the insurance, and basic health insurance coverage.

Ghent University of Top-up Grants:

This University provides Top-up Grants to candidates from all countries on the OESO-DAC list, who wish to obtain a master’s degree at Ghent University. This is one scholarship that international students can maximize, there is an allowance with this scholarship,1,000 euros per month.

Lodge Heritage Foundation Scholarships for International Students

This University offers scholarships for both European Union and non-EU students who wish to study for a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. Degree at the University

ARES Scholarships

This scholarship yearly gives an average of 150 master’s scholarships and training scholarships through courses to nationals of developing countries. ARES Scholarship covers international travel expenses, living allowance, tuition fees, insurance, housing allowance, etc.

Belgian American Education Foundation Fellowships:

This foundation encourages applications from citizens or permanent residents of the United States for fellowships for advanced study or research during one academic year, at a Belgian University or institution of higher learning. This program awards up to ten fellowships each with a stipend of $28,000 for Master’s or Ph.D. students or $32,000 for Post-doctoral Fellows.

Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F.) Scholarships

The Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F.) Scholarships are offered to students from developing countries pursuing an academic degree in science, technology or engineering (S&T), or a field of social science. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding scholars who have demonstrated an interest in pursuing a career related to their field of study for at least three years after graduation from a recognized university/college program in Belgium or abroad.

Budgets vary depending on the number of scholarships available per year; however, each budgeted amount still allows recipients to receive up to €500 per month during their stay at this institution as stipulated by law regarding financial support for foreigners who come here with no other means than through these programs offered by our government entity here on Earth called “Belgium”!

Francqui Foundation Scholarship

The Francqui Foundation Scholarship is open to students from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. It is worth €6,000 per year for up to two years of postgraduate studies in Belgium.

The scholarship can be renewed if you continue your studies at a university in Belgium. Or elsewhere in Europe or it may be withdrawn if you do not comply with the conditions set out by the foundation during your stay on this scholarship. You must also have completed an undergraduate or master’s degree before applying for this scholarship. So that it can be awarded upon completion of your coursework.

NCDO Holland Scholarship

The NCDO Holland Scholarship is available for students from developing countries who plan to study in the Netherlands. The scholarship is awarded to students who are studying in the fields of agriculture, forestry and veterinary medicine.

The award amounts vary depending on your country of origin. If you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who lives in Ontario (Canada). Then your award will be approximately $8,000 per year; if you’re an American citizen living outside of New York state. It will be approximately $10,000 per year; for those who come from developing countries outside Europe/North America like Indonesia or Mexico City respectively.

African Union – Belgium Fellowship Programme

The African Union – Belgium Fellowship Programme is a scholarship program offered by the African Union, which offers grants to students from African countries who want to study in Belgium. The aim of this program is to promote African development and cultural exchange between Africa and Europe.

The fellowship program also provides opportunities for young Africans who would like to pursue higher education at renowned universities in Belgium such as UCLouvain: European Centre for Law & Justice Studies (ECLJS), University of Leuven – Faculty of Law, Ghent University – Department Of Political Science & International Relations, etc., as well as internships with Belgian companies or NGOs working on development issues within their region.

Belgian Government Excellence Scholarships

Belgium is a country with a rich history and culture. And it’s no surprise that there are many scholarships available to international students. The Belgian Government Excellence Scholarships (BGE) is one such scholarship program that offers financial assistance to young people. Who are from all around the world and want to study in Belgium for their master’s degree or Ph.D.

The BGE takes into account academic merit when awarding these awards. So applicants will have an advantage if they’re already studying for their bachelor’s degree. The award can be up to €5,000 per year for up to four years after graduation. And it doesn’t matter what your background is; anyone who meets certain criteria may apply. You’ll also need at least one year of full-time study experience before applying as well as fluency in French or Dutch language


We hope this list of scholarships in Belgium will help you find the best one for your studies. You can also check out our guides on how to apply for scholarships and what steps you need to take before applying.

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