What Are the Top Jobs in Canada 2022 and How to Apply

Top Jobs in Canada – Here in Canada, there is said to be much demand for labour force considering the fact that there are lots of Jobs in Canada. Luckily, these Jobs has been made accessible to all both citizens and non- citizen provided that the meet the necessary requirements. This is indeed a spectacular offer for the unemployed, both those looking for a better Job. Be it as it may, if you were unable to secure a Job in Canada last year, here is still an opportunity for you.

Listed below are Some of the Available Top Jobs in Canada


It is an undeniable fact that Accounting is a multiverse consisting of auditing, payroll, taxation and lot more. To work in any company as an accountant, a CPA ( Chartered Professional Accountant) certificate is highly needed. The yearly salary of an accountant ranges from $60,100 to $89,100.


As a country with multicultural society, there is an opportunity for you as a professional chef to work in any Canadian excellent cuisine. Where such services will be needed since, there are thousands of tourists from various country exploring Canada on daily basis. Without the services of a good Chef, tourism and hospitality at various hostel and restaurant will not be at it peak. Which explains why Chefs get a yearly salary of $40,088.


This I believe should be among the easiest Jobs one could apply for. Since there is no need for tertiary education and those with little Job experience will certainly be considered for employment. As a good Chef, you get an annually salary of $22,549 to $28,687.


Considering the fact that more cargo and goods are to be transported to various parts of the country, in the nearest future one say that Canada will be needing a lot of drivers ( qualified drivers). Here in Canada, the estimated yearly salary for truck drivers is around $44,836. Which may increase in the nearest future.

Electrical Engineer

Having a total of 6 nuclear power station, with the largest nuclear power “Bruce Nuclear” and a power station with over 6,430 megawatts. Clearly shows that Canada needs qualified electrical Engineers who are good in analyzing, designing, constructing, specifying and testing various electrical system to ensure that the work properly. As an electrical engineer, you stand a chance of getting $91,832 as yearly salary.


This occupation vis on of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. As a pharmacist, you are expected to have a authentic degree in pharmacy ( or the Canadian equivalent). You have to pass the exam set by the pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) as well as register within the province you wish to practice legally. Provided that you meet all the requirements mentioned above, you get an estimated yearly salary of $130,600. Mind you pharmacist who are newbie will certainly earn less than that.

Physiotherapy Assistant

With the fast growing or should I say increase in the number of elderly people in places like Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia the services of a physiotherapists is highly needed to ensure that these elderly people are being taken care of. This is because, there less medical professional to help and care for them and as such the services a physiotherapist is needed. It might interest you to know that you are being paid a whopping some of $78,000 as a physiotherapist.

Registered Nurse

We cannot denial the fact that there have been a diminution in the healthcare system of most countries as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which we are currently battling with. So, Canada like most countries of the world is in great need for Nurses. All registered Nurses receives a $77,603 yearly. However, this may vary for various province. But you must understand, your years of experience as a nurse counts.


We all know that a receptionist plays a vital role in the growth of any company, giving off a good impression at all time on call and upon face to face business interaction. And as such, it is strictly for those having an excellent communication skill, free of affectation and multitasking as well. It might interest you to know that the, yearly salary for a receptionist is $35,304. Also, the current growth in various companies not excluding other new companies which would be established in the nearest future. Show that Canada needs receptionists.

Sales Associate

The services of a sales associate and sales representative is in high demand in various country. Since, the help customer to feel at ease while making purchases at various companies or businesses knowing fully well that they will get the product they are looking for. In Canada, sale representative and sales associate receives $55,277 yearly.

What is the Application Criteria for These Top Jobs in Canada

To enable you work freely in Canada, you must get a work permit. An authentic one at that because, you will if got with a counterfeit. Below is a detailed explanation on how to apply for one.

Do I Need Work Permit?

Yes! In order for you to secure your dream job, you must have a work permit. I will like to bring this to your knowledge, there are two types of work permit;

  • Open Work Visa.
  • Employer-specific Work Visa.

To begin with, the Open work permit allows you to work without a Labour Market Impart Assessment (LMIA) to add to that, it is not employer-specific. On the other hand, the  Employer-specific gives you an opportunity to work base on stipulations. Which will be clearly stated on your Visa.

They question now is, how do I get an employer-specific work permit? Simple, there are certain program that draft out by the country strictly for employer-specific. Some of this programs are;

Agricultural Stream: Here the your employer will have fund your trip to Canada allowing you to work for 2 years (24 months). Providing you with health insurance, Comfortable home as well as transaction.

Global Talent Stream (GTS): The GTS program was an initiative of the Canadian government to help better the country’s work force. By inviting professionals from various country to come teach it’s workers various working skills.

Is a Work Permit Enough?

You truly need a work permit but, that not all. So, before applying for a work permit, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must take a medical exam.
  • Applicants should have a settlement fund.
  • Only those without criminal record can apply.
  • You must accept the fact that you will leave Canada once your Visa expires.

What Next?

You need to fill out an online form and submit it through the immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

That’s all.

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