Working in Canada as a Caregiver

Working in Canada as a Caregiver – As a care provider looking forward to going abroad in search of better pay, I will recommend Canada because the services of Care providers are of high demand in Canada. And as such, you can either work as a nursemaid or a family caregiver. If interested, see below. You can easily work in Canada as a caregiver.

What You Need to Enable You Work Freely as a Caregiver?

Becoming a Canadian caregiver is not that difficult as you will just have to fulfill certain requirements. 

#1. Having an Evidence of a Canadian Job Offer

To be given an opportunity to immigrate from your country to come work in Canada as a caregiver, it is required that you provide evidence showing that you were actually invited by your employer. 

You might want to ask how do I get this offer? Simply apply online since most of these Canadian jobs are being posted online. Before that, ensure that your resume is well structured based on the province you are applying for. Provide good reference information, should it be that your employer decides to embark on background checks.

Look for provinces with high demand for caregivers. You may consider applying for offers at; New Brunswick, Ontario ,Nova Scotia or Yukon territories which are believed to be the top tip in terms of demand. 

You can as well search for an employee placement agency. Though, you will have to pay a fee to have them assist you with the Job seeking process. Sadly, this agency cannot give you a work permit since it can only be issued by the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). But, it will help you secure your dream Job.

How Do I Apply for a Work Visa?

You can either apply with a Home support worker plot or a Home Child Care provider plot as a caregiver because the open work permit is issued strictly based on occupation and as such you cannot work elsewhere. Meaning you can only work in a specific occupation. As an immigrant, you will have to pay the travel expenses and application funds all by yourself.

What Determines my Eligibility Working in Canada as a Caregiver

  • You must provide a valid medical or  doctor’s report. 
  • Having a genuine Job offer is necessary since you will be submitting as an evidence for your claim.
  • You must have at least one year post-secondary education credential.
  • Applicants must have at least 5 marks in English or French at the end of the Canadian language test. 
  • All interested persons, must have a criminal clear record and must be presented to the immigration agency.
  • Your years of experience matters a lot and increases your chances of being employed.

#2. Work Experience

The need for quality work experience cannot be overemphasized because, it does not only determines your eligibility for the Caregiver Job of a thing but, a proof that you are more than qualified for the job. 

What are the Available Home Care Providers Plot?

As it stands now, there are just two Home Care Provider plots available for those who want to work in Canada. They include;

Home Child Care Provider Plot

This care provider plot enables you to assist busy parents in taking good care of their children. Here you assist them with their homework, household duties and tutoring. Which means that you may be invited to live with them to serve them better.

Fortunately, this is a five-year program that permits you to bring your family along if you are married. The good thing about this program is that you may easily become a permanent resident after working for a while. I wish to inform you that, the National Occupation Classification (NOC) for this occupation is 4411. 

The program is strictly for those who can work either as a Nanny, parent’s helper, Babysitter, Nursemaid, live-in child caregiver or private home Child Caregiver.

Home Support Worker Provider Plot

This program is to assist citizens with disabilities and people going through rehabilitation. This may include bathing, cooking, changing, feeding and administering medication. 

Just like the Home child care provider program, this program is also a five-year program which grants workers an opportunity to immigrate to Canada with their family and to be a permanent resident after some time. The NOC for this occupation is 4412.

If you can work as a personal care attendant, respite worker, Doula, Home visitor, home support worker, family caregiver, Housekeeper, at-home attendant for persons with disabilities, or live in Caregiver for seniors Personal aid. Then, apply for this program.

What will be My Pay as a Canadian Caregiver?

An experienced Canadian Caregiver stands a chance of getting $31,688 to $45,045 yearly or receive $16.25 hourly. However, caregivers with little experience may earn $26,569 yearly. Secondly, you may be invited to come live with your employer.

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